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Welcome to the 2nd HFpEF & HCM Drug Discovery & Development Summit

Advance Precision Medicine, Drug Development & Gene Therapy Approaches for More Curative Treatment of Heart Failure & Rare Cardiomyopathies

The highly anticipated 2nd HFpEF & HCM Drug Discovery & Development Summit is back! Uniting experts with one common goal: providing treatments for ALL patients suffering with heart failure and rare cardiomyopathies. 

After an active 12 months filled with headlines including:

  • “AstraZeneca presented data that showed Farxiga can reduce the risk of death in heart failure patients regardless of their ejection fraction status.”
  • “With one heart failure nod already in the books, Eli Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim’s diabetes blockbuster Jardiance just racked up a second.”

Now is the time to unite with your industry – from the commercial giants to the trailblazing pioneers – and discover new strategies for every process from discovery to early-phase development to commercialization.

Stay ahead of the curve with the 2nd HFpEF & HCM Drug Discovery & Development Summit as we bring you more speakers, more content and more exclusive insights than ever before!

World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

Previously Attending Companies Include:

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Check out what some of our speakers have to say:

Javed Butler

"I look forward to discussing the historical evolution in thinking about the syndrome of HFpEF and the pitfalls of continuing to think in a traditional paradigm"

Javed Butler, Director of Cardiovascular Medicine, Stony Brook Medicine

"The opportunity to meet and discuss a topic as complex as HFpEF in a dedicated meeting with ample time and with a common goal does not come often and is highly appreciated."

Ola Vedin, Global Medical Director, Heart Failure, Boehringer Ingelheim

Ola Vedin
Rachel Roth Flach

"Developing a deeper understanding of mechanisms underlying HFpEF for development of novel therapeutics that may combat this disease."

Rachel Roth Flach, Senior Principle Scientist, Pfizer