Advance Precision Medicine, Drug Development & Gene Therapy Approaches for More Curative Treatment of Heart Failure & Rare Cardiomyopathies

Welcome to the 2nd HFpEF & HCM Drug Discovery & Development Summit

The Industry's Only Definitive Forum for Cardiovascular Drug Discovery & Development

Cardiovascular stakeholders are racing to answer the burning questions limiting them from capitalizing on their commercial success.

Through gaining deeper insights and sharing robust data to acquire a deeper understanding of the landscape and a stronger perception of pipeline progression, the 2nd HFpEF & HCM Drug Discovery & Development Summit will address the key topics of:

  • Increasing therapeutic effects by running smaller trials more quickly to deliver drugs to patients sooner
  • Utilizing precision medicine and real-world data to uncover and analyze robust sub-group analyses
  • Leveraging pre-clinical data to pave the way for gene therapy survival in HCM, DMD and more

Now is the time to unite with your industry from the commercial giants to the trailblazing pioneers. Discover new strategies for every process from discovery and early-phase development to commercialization of precision medicine and gene therapies for patients with a huge unmet medical need.

You can’t afford to miss the 2nd HFpEF & HCM Drug Discovery & Development Summit as we bring you more speakers, more content and more exclusive insights than ever before to catapult your whole team’s pipeline progression to success.

World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

Previously Attending Companies Include:

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Check out what some of our speakers have to say:

Javed Butler

"I look forward to discussing the historical evolution in thinking about the syndrome of HFpEF and the pitfalls of continuing to think in a traditional paradigm"

Javed Butler, Director of Cardiovascular Medicine, Stony Brook Medicine

"The opportunity to meet and discuss a topic as complex as HFpEF in a dedicated meeting with ample time and with a common goal does not come often and is highly appreciated."

Ola Vedin, Global Medical Director, Heart Failure, Boehringer Ingelheim

Ola Vedin
Rachel Roth Flach

"Developing a deeper understanding of mechanisms underlying HFpEF for development of novel therapeutics that may combat this disease."

Rachel Roth Flach, Senior Principle Scientist, Pfizer

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