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The 2nd HFpEF & HCM Drug Discovery & Development Summit is the only drug discovery and development event specifically for biopharma drug sponsors to showcase their latest scientific advancements across emerging preventative and curative therapeutics including gene and cell therapies, as well as enabling strategic cross-stakeholder troubleshooting into the development and implementation of precision medicine.

Join 150 biopharma experts in research, cardiovascular, rare disease and precision medicine as they analyze the HFpEF patient population and translational drug development pathway to achieve new commercially viable and clinically accepted therapeutics.

Be part of precompetitive conversations in the biggest commercial opportunity in modern day medicine to evaluate efficacy in early development and define meaningful translation of HFpEF and HCM drugs.

Join Your Peers to:

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Highlight the importance of genes

Integrate genomics to decision-making practices in HFpEF and HCM treatments by improving left ventricular relaxation with Sardocor and Novartis

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Find next-generation technologies

Learn of new metabolic and RNA therapies for identifying new subgroups of the patient population with Novartis, Cardior Pharmaceuticals, and Avidity Biosciences

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Pioneer machine learning development

Explore biomarkers for HFpEF clinical trials to obtain more accurate results with Amgen, Nordic Bioscience and others

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Expand insights for novel therapies

Identify best clinical trial designs and novel measurements to treat disease for genetically defined populations withing heart failure and rare cardiomyopathies with Pfizer, Renovacor, Bristol Myers Squibb and more

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Focus on precision medicine advances

Catapult therapies into successful clinical outcomes by targeting patient populations with common characteristics with Prokidney, Regeneron and others

Who will you Meet?

Who will you meet

What Your Peers Are Saying:

"Great opportunity for exchange with experts tackling the same challenges in the field, sharing learnings, and making new connections to the benefit of all stakeholders"

Richard Nkulikiyinka,Vice President, Head of Therapeutic Area Cardiology & Nephrology, Bayer

Richard Nkulikiyinka
Limei Cheng

"Sharing our experience with fellow researchers in terms of contemporary knowledge regarding disease drivers of HFpEF as well clinical diagnostic approaches to quantify microvascular dysfunction."

Li-Min Gan, Vice President & Head of Early Clinical Development, AstraZeneca

"Inspiring mix of presentations, engaged speakers, well assembled program, close interaction with supporting team, complementary format adding to other conference series to foster our mission to better help patients with HFpEF."

Lothar Roessig, Vice President & Group Head of Clinical Development, Bayer

Lothar Roessig