Expanding Conventional Views of HFpEF by Utilizing Inotropic Agents, Fibrosis & Gene Therapies

Time: 8:30 am
day: Pre-Conference Day AM


Join this interactive deep dive to uncover the use of inotropic agents in the treatment of HFpEF, next-generation regulatory genome targets for cardiac fibrosis and introducing a novel gene therapy approach to improve left ventricular relaxation in HFpEF.

Session highlights include:

  • Discovering inotropic agents to improve both systolic and diastolic function (all cardiac chambers)
  • Navigating through limited clinical data by supporting the utility of inotropic agents for therapy of HFpEF
  • Exploring the pathophysiology and clinical implications of interstitial fibrosis in HFpEF
  • Gaining an overview of trials targeting fibrosis in HFpEF and discussing the promise of new therapeutic approaches and targets in the context of underlying molecular mechanisms
  • Presenting the first ever study in genetic therapy for HFpEF by affecting genes with a secondary affect to heart failure with preserved ejection fraction